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Sanders, Della K.
Contracts and deed : poll tax receipts, 1924-1930.
6 items.
Real estate contracts, a Dade County property deed and two Dade County poll tax receipts. Contracts were for the purchase of land in Little River, Hialeah and Hollywood, as follows: 1924 January 20, from Curtiss-Bright Company, lot 17, block 175, Hialeah Subdivision, Dade County; 1924 August 15, from Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Harvey, lot 12, block 3, Hillsdale Subdivision, Dade County; 1926 June 25, from Home Seekers Realty Company, lot 9, block 7, Central Beach #3, Hollywood, Broward County.
Gift of Della K. and Martha Rose Sanders, 1988.
MS Box 41

Santini family.
Papers of the Santini family, 1849-1966.
2,000 items (4 linear ft.)
Letter, photographic prints, newspapers, publications, diaries and memorabilia pertain to the Santini family of Chokoloskee Island and to the related Munson and Carter families. A significant item is the diary of Adolphus Santini, 1887 July to 1892 May.
Adolphus Santini was a pioneer of Chokoloskee Island, Florida. He obtained nearly half of the island from John Weeks, its first recorded settler. Eventually most of the island was owned by Adolphus Santini and his brother Nicholas. Adolphus kept a daily record of life on the island from ca. 1875-1900. In 1901 he moved to Buena Vista, a suburb of Miami. In 1910 Joseph Charles Santini married Cora Munson, daughter of F. W. and Dell Munson. The Munsons were founders of the Georgiana Methodist Church in Brevard County. Cora was also a descendant of the Carters, whose letters and memorabilia are included in this collection.
Inventory available in repository ; folder level control.
Gift of Marguerite Santini, 1984.

Sapp, Neil C.
The Federal expedition in Northeast Florida, 1864 : typescript, 1962.
22 leaves.
Chronological account of the Civil War campaign, and discussion of its effectiveness.
Includes bibliographical references.
Neil C. Sapp was a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, when he wrote this research paper.
MS Box 20

Schwartz, Ida, collector.
The Girl graduate's journal : scrapbook, 1924-1928.
75 items.
Clippings, autographs, photographic prints, cards and other memorabilia pertain to Ida Schwartz's student years at Miami High School and especially her graduation in 1927.
Gift of Clara Fine, 1989.
Scrapbook Box 5

Scrapbook relating to Florida hurricanes, 1947-1950.
1 v. (ca. 120 items).
Newspaper clippings pertain primarily to the hurricanes that hit South Florida from 1947 through 1950. Last 10 pages of the scrapbook are filled with clippings of comic strips of the time.
Scrapbooks. Box 3

Scrapbook relating to transportation, 1937-1944.
1 v. (40 items) ; 29 cm.
Newspaper clippings on railroads in Florida, the Port of Miami, the Overseas Highway to Key West, and related topics.
Scrapbooks. Box 1

Scurry, J. E.
Letter of recommendation from the Halcyon Hotel, 1935 April 6.
2 items.
Envelope and letterhead paper, both with picture of the Halcyon Hotel. Contents recommend Herbert Morris as a desirable employee; signed by J. E. Scurry, Manager.
The Halcyon Hotel, at Flagler Street and 2nd Avenue, Miami, was one of the Florida Collier Coast and Associated Hotels. Opened in 1906, in 1935 it had 160 rooms and an impressive facade. It was demolished in 1939.
Gift of Herbert Morris, 1989.
MS Box 44

Seiden, Marcella Maurene, 1908- , collector.
Scrapbook and autograph book, 1926-1929.
2 v.
Brochures, photographic prints, postcards, clippings, greeting and invitation cards, menus, maps and other paper memorabilia record the activities of a young woman as a member of the first University of Miami freshman class, and in an adventurous 1929 motor trip with two sorority sisters. The trip took them across the United States, with side trips to Mexico and Cuba. Scrapbook materials include University of Miami student rules, a 32 page color booklet of Havana (ca. 1915?) and a handsome New Year's Eve menu for the McAllister Hotel in Miami (1927?). Collection also includes an autograph book with an Upsilon Lambda Phi paper label, containing handwritten messages from fellow students and family members.
Around 1925 Marcella Seiden and her parents moved to Miami. A year later she enrolled in the new University of Miami for their opening 1926-1927 term. Her selection of memorabilia includes student guides for the young campus, and show her to have been a member of the Junior Council of Jewish Women and of the Upsilon Lambda Phi sorority, with bridge playing, concerts, the theater and UM football games well represented. With her cousin Gertrude Huebsch and her future sister in law Rose Shayne, also UM students, she went on a motor tour in the summer of 1929, driving to Pensacola, New Orleans, Houston; on to the western national parks and San Francisco; down to Juarez, Mexico, and by ship to Havana, Cuba.
Gift of Marcia J. Kanner, 1987.

Seward, William H.
Letter to J. W. Reckley, Plainfield, New Jersey, 1846 March 22.
1 item.
William Seward was "in Florida with my father" when Samuel Seward received a real estate trade offer, which this letter turns down.
MS Box 18

Sewell, Everest George, 1874-1940.
Papers pertaining to E.G. Sewell, 1920s-1940.
2 folders.
Collection of papers about Sewell, including a seven-leaf typescript headed: First President of Chamber of Commerce, and outlining his activities in many fields; a citation; campaign leaflets for Sewell as City Commissioner, a 2-leaf list of his work in the field of aviation, on City of Miami, Aviation Department letterhead; and promotional releases for Miami as a tourist and residential location.
Three times mayor of Miami, civic activist and promoter, Ev Sewell came to Miami in 1896 and remained a leader until his death in 1940.
MS Box 8

Shaw, Edwin W.
Papers pertaining to Kirk Munroe, 1907-1911?
3 items.
Invitation card from the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, letter to Shaw from Kirk Munroe, and photographic print of Munroe with his autograph for Shaw.
Gift of Edwin W. Shaw.
MS Box 1

Shelley, Betty Lou.
Letters to Betty Lou Shelley of South Miami, 1944-1945.
23 items.
Most of the letters are from Bruce, a tail gunner on a bomber, written either from the Pacific war zone or from various training camps in the United States.
Gift of Patricia Fenner, 1989.
MS Box 44

Shenandoah Junior High School scrapbook, 1926-1949.
1 v. ; 48 cm.
Material is arranged by subject: school band, theater group, PTA, etc. Two page typescript; Early history of Shenandoah Junior High School, by Violet Barker, traces the history of the school and the activities of students and faculty from 1926 through the 1940s.
Photographic prints, newspaper clippings, schedules, programs, and a 2-page typescript: Early history of Shenandoah Junior High School, by Violet Barker, record the history of the school and the activities of students, groups and faculty, from 1926 through the 1940s.
Shenandoah Junior High opened in portables in 1926: its PTA was organized that February. The three story building was ready for occupancy by September 1927. Rapid population growth soon required more use of portables. With assistance from the WPA and with the passage of a special bond issue in 1941, two wings were added and opened for use December 11, 1942, with the current address, 1950 SW 19 Street.
Gift of Jackie Biggane, 1981.

Shoe merchant's cash journal, 1761 February 1 - 1789 March 15.
1 v. ; 36 cm.
Entries are not entirely chronological, as the shoemaker kept most of his records by family, entering several transactions under the name of the head of household, and running a line through the account when that group of items was settled. Families, therefore, may have several account listings.
Cash journal entries include not only the shoemaker's trade accounts, but also the money he made on hauling goods (he had an ox and cart which were rented out), on lot clearing and other farm work. Purchases of goods are also entered. From journal entries it appears that his name was Richard Tenney, a resident of Rowley, Mass., near Newburyport. Prices are expressed in pounds, shillings, pence, in the earlier entries, and later shift to "paper dollers." Inserted between journal pages are loose slips in the same writing.
The period of history covered by this journal includes the American Revolution. Economics, local history and genealogical researchers, especially in the New England area, should find it a good source of information.
MS Box 36

Shutts, Frank B., 1870-1947, collector.
Photographs of prominent men, ca. 1910-1945.
81 photographic prints.
Autographed studio portraits of journalists, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities. Includes William Jennings Bryan, Doyle E. Carlton, Glenn Curtiss, Jack Dempsey, Duncan Fletcher, Johnny Gruelle, William Randolph Hearst, Herbert Hoover, Claude Pepper, Eddie Rickenbacker, Frank B. Stoneman, S. Davies Warfield, Gar Wood, and others.
Attorney and publisher of the Miami Herald, 1910-1937. "The walls of Shutts' office were adorned by scores of autographed photographs of important national figures, including presidents and cabinet members." [Nixon Smiley, Knights of the Fourth Estate, p. 12.]
Finding aid in repository.
Gift of Mrs. Frank B. Shutts, 1954.
Shutts, Frank B. (contact prints) and Artifact Photographic Prints (originals)

Signatures of volunteers to build a road connecting Allapattah School to "Miami Rock Road" : list, 1925?
2 leaves.
Handwritten entries include volunteer's name and whether cash or work is offered.
MS Box 36

Simmons, Eleanor Galt.
Papers of Eleanor Galt Simmons, 1886-1890.
ca. 30 items.
Correspondence, notes, brochures, drafts of letters and sketches pertain to Dr. Simmon's interest in nature and her career and a physician. Material predates her arrival in South Florida. Includes notes on the dissection and study of amphibians, prepared for the U.S. National Museum.
Physician. Eleanor Galt Simmons came to Coconut Grove in the 1890s, and for many years was the only woman doctor in the area.
Gift of Marion Fairchild, 1954.
MS Box 22

Simpson, Charles Torrey.
Papers of the Simpson family, 1912-1949.
6 items.
Collection includes an unsigned letter about the 1949 hurricane, Flora Gertrude Simpson's 1935 passport, and a 1912 electric power deposit receipt.
MS Box 14

Singleton, W. L.
Papers relating to dredge work in Biscayne Bay, 1897-1898.
10 items.
Account book, which includes log notes, drafts of telegrams and correspondence, pertains to the work of W. L. Singleton.
Singleton oversaw the dredging of Biscayne Bay for the Florida East Coast Railway Company near the railroad's new terminal.
MS Box 38

Sisters of the Holy Names School (Key West).
Certificate for 3rd class, 1870 June 26.
1 item.
Gift of Jeanne Harper, 1991.
MS Box 50

Skipton, compiler.
Scenic Florida : scrapbook, 1920s-1930s.
1 v. (171 photographic prints and postcards).
Pictures of buildings in Dade and Palm Beach counties, many of which designed by Walter DeGarmo.
Skipton worked for architect Walter DeGarmo.
Finding aid in repository.
Gift of C. Frazure Knight, 1985.

Smiley, Nixon, 1911- , collector.
Research papers 1940s-1972
1 box (0.5 cubic ft.)
In 11 folders: Biscayne National Monument - Flood control - Florida East Coast Railway, Key West - Hanna, Alfred J. - Koreshan - Miami - Miami Herald - Miami, Key Biscayne, etc. - Seminole Indians (3 folders)
Newspaper clippings, typescripts, notes, brochures and other research material on topics of South Florida interest. Information on Charlie Brookfield is found in Biscayne National Monument folder; A. C. Richards' Reminiscences are in the folder headed Miami, Key Biscayne, etc.
From 1940 to 1973 Nixon Smiley was columnist, editor and feature writer for the Miami Herald. Though well known for his gardening books (he was garden editor from 1947-1963, and later appointed director of Fairchild Tropical Garden), most of his books and articles were about South Florida and its people.
Gift of Nixon Smiley, 1988.

Smiley, Nixon.
Tropical horticulture : gardening columns from the Miami Herald : scrapbook, 1951.
35 items.
Clippings on horticulture in South Florida, especially of a feature series from the Miami Herald called: Gardening scrapbook for sub-tropical Florida.
Nixon Smiley was gardening editor for the Miami Herald for many years. His book, Subtropical Gardening in Florida, published by the University of Miami Press, also appeared in 1951.
Gift of Leonard Wirkus, 1987.
Scrapbooks. Box 3

Smith, Josephine, d. 1968.
As I saw Miami : January 1923 to July 15, 1925 : typescript, 1959.
7 leaves.
Visitor's account of Miami and Miami Beach in the boom years.
Gift of Gordon J. Thompson, 1978.
MS Box 37

Smith, Loren.
Property in the proposed town of Poinciana, Monroe County : papers, 1925-1929.
8 items.
Correspondence, warranty deed, stock certificate, and other legal documents relating to the purchase of a lot in the proposed town of Poinciana in Monroe County.
The Tropical Florida Development Corporation, based in Miami, platted an ambitious development on Onion Key and Lostman's River, in present-day Everglades National Park. They sold lots throughout the country, and erected a few portable buildings. The 1926 hurricane destroyed the buildings, and the company dissolved a few years later.
Gift of Glenn L. Smith, 1981.
MS Box 36

Smith, Loren E.
Papers of Loren E. Smith, 1922-1937.
3 items.
Collection includes 1922 letter to his wife, 1929 City of Miami tax notice, and 1937 City of Miami driver's license.
Gift of Glen Smith, 1981.
MS Box 37

Smith, Robert Fitch.
Letter recommending J. G. Buddington, builder, 1937 June 28.
1 item.
Buddington had been the contractor for Dr. and Mrs. Orton Lowe's Coconut Grove residence, for which Smith was the architect.
Gift of Thomasine Morrison, 1986.
MS Box 33

Smith, Wadsworth Ramsay.
Letters from Winter Park, Cutler, and Vermont, 1896-1915.
10 items.
Letters are to family members; one goes into some detail on tomato growing in the "prairie lands" south of Cutler.
Farmer; winter resident in Florida. Wadsworth Smith grew citrus in Winter Park, which became his Florida home; he tried tomatoes in Cutler, where his mail was c/o Easterling Brothers.
Gift of Robert Rickshafer, 1989.
MS Box 44

Snap shots : Palm Beach (Fla.), ca. 1940.
1 album (29 photographic prints).
Views from a trip to Florida, particularly of Palm Beach and Coral Gables. Includes Venetian Pool and Afromobiles. Leather cover, with hand-painted scene of coconut palms and water.
Gift of Robert S. Carr, 1989.
Photo albums. Box 12

South Florida Archaeological Museum.
Records of the South Florida Archaeological Museum, 1970.
30 items.
Correspondence, museum inventory, and agenda for 1970.
At this time the Miami/West Indies Archaeological Association sponsored the museum.
Gift of Robert S. Carr, 1986.
MS Box 31

South Florida Garden Club.
Scrapbooks, 1926-1960s.
2 v.
Clippings, yearbooks, minutes, correspondence, typescripts, certificates and other memorabilia trace the activities and interests of the South Florida Garden Club and its members. Included is much material on parks and gardens in the Miami area, especially Fairchild Tropical Garden; on Dr. Fairchild himself and other noted botanists and horticulturists who spoke to or worked with the club; on the Metropolitan Miami Annual Flower Show. Also includes a typescript history of the club, written ca. 1966 by Mrs. Marion Evans Holdstrom, club historian.
Mabel White Dorn, pioneer Dade County gardener and author of three gardening books for South Florida, began the South Florida Garden Club with a meeting at her home in April 1926. Later that year the new club would help to replant the also new University of Miami campus, which had been badly defoliated by hurricane winds. Over the years the club was active in a variety of community projects, assisting with plantings at schools and at Variety Children's Hospital (now Miami Children's Hospital), and in helping fund a scholarship in horticulture at the University of Florida.
Gift of Margaret Pace Burton, 1977.
Information on the Moos residence is in the smaller of the two notebooks.

South Miami (Fla.)
Precinct register, town of South Miami, Dade County: ledger, 1925-1929.
1 v. ; 39 cm.
List of electors, grouped by first initial of last name, with applicable tax receipt numbers for the years 1925-1928. Some personal information included. Statement on Dade County letterhead, mounted on the first page of the ledger and signed by Carl Holmer, Supervisor of Registration of Dade County, is dated 1929 January 22, and gives details of the process of collecting the tax information.
Gift of Sylva G. Martin, 1987.
MS Box 34

South Side Civic Association.
South Side Civic Association minutes : photocopy of manuscript, 1911-1919, 1936.
262 leaves.
Residents of the area just south of the Miami River joined to press for school services, street lights, sewers and other city services. Minutes were kept fairly steadily until 1919, when they ceased. An attempt was made to revive the association in the 1930s.
Location of original not determined.
Spiral binding.
MS Box 60

Southeast Bank.
Records, 1902-1988.
1 cubic ft.
The bulk of the collection consists of certificates from the Treasury Department pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, and authorization to conduct banking activities, etc. Minutes, some early records and newsletters of First National Bank of Miami are also included.
Southeast Bank, founded as the First National Bank of Miami in 1902, became one of the nation's largest financial organizations. However, during the recession of the 1980s the bank experienced financial reversals which led to its takeover and subsequent sale to First Union Bank by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
Finding aid in the repository.

Southerland, Julian, J., Mrs.
International Tropical Flower Show papers, 1931-1962.
Papers: ca. 150 items.
Scrapbooks: 2 v.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically therein.
Correspondence, clippings, scrapbooks and photographs covering the Southerlands' activities. Materials relate chiefly to the International Tropical Flower Show and document Mrs. Southerland's extensive travel throughout Latin American and the Caribbean to promote and procure exhibits for the show. Mr. Southerland's papers cover his work on behalf of the South Florida Crippled Children's Hospital.
Mrs. J. Julian Southerland served as president of the Miami Beach Garden Club during the 1930s. During her tenure she organized the International Tropical Flower Show. Mr. Southerland, a lawyer, served as mayor and city judge of Bal Harbour.
Inventory in the repository.
Gift of Billie McWilliams, 1993.
Newspaper clippings have been photocopied as a preservation measure.
Related artifacts are located in the Objects Collection.
M73C, M93C

Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. Canal Office, Miami Springs.
Police and fire calls log, 1931-1937.
1 item (54 p.) ; 17 cm.
Havee "worked on installation of new dial office."
Gift of Justin P. Havee, 1950.
MS Box 18

Souvenirs from a trip to Havana on the SS Florida, 1939.
18 items.
Memorabilia includes trip itinerary; Thanksgiving dinner menu from the Florida; customs information pamphlet; photograph and menu from the Sans Souci Restaurant; Cuba postcard folder; photograph taken at El Morro; envelope from the Hotel Lincoln; and 10 adverting cards to night clubs, perfume and souvenir stores, and the Trocadero rum distillery.
The P & O Steamship Company's SS Florida was the first passenger ship to make regular trips between Havana and Miami. She sailed from 1931 to 1966, to Nassau rather than Havana during the 1960s, and with a break during World War II. Tourists often traveled aboard her, disembarking in Havana or Miami (depending upon point of departure) for a few days of sightseeing.
A maraca from this trip is located in the Objects Collection. It is decorated with a view of the lighthouse on El Morro and the legend, Habana 1935.
MS Box 58

Spach, Helen, compiler.
Miami High art students scrapbooks, 1947-1960 (bulk 1950-1957).
4 v.
Brochures, forms, newspaper clippings, photographic prints, cards and other memorabilia document activities of art students at Miami Senior High School, their Pen and Sable honorary art club, and several art contests, especially the Southern Florida Regional High School Art Exhibition.
Helen Spach was Art Instructor for Miami Senior High during the 1940s and 1950s. She was active in organizing the first Southern Florida Regional High School Art exhibition in 1950, and officiated in several subsequent ones. This exhibition was locally sponsored by Burdines and was part of the national program conducted by Scholastic Magazine.
Gift of Ann Chesney, 1990.

Speakman, R. W.
Papers pertaining to the Graf Zeppelin and to philatelic first day cachets, 1929-1937 (bulk 1933-1936)
20 items.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and sketches reflect Speakman's interest in aviation, especially the visit of the Graf Zeppelin to Miami in 1933; a chronological journal of cachet stamps records his work on philatelic first day covers for Miami area events. Collection includes a letter, 1934 June 4, from the City of Miami's Dept. of Aviation, with an outline of aviation history in the Greater Miami area up to that date; and maps of airports in Dade County for 1933 and 1935.
Philatelist; cachet director for the Miami Chamber of Commerce.
Gift of Jack Speakman, 1985.
MS Box 27

Spector, Aaron, collector.
Miami and Florida scrapbooks, 1950s-1986.
2 v. ; 29 cm.
Each of the two albums has a number (#6 and #23), and a partial list of topics on its spine. In some cases articles have been grouped by topic (Key West railroad, Cubans in Miami, etc.)
Newspaper clippings, primarily from the Miami Herald, on Miami and South Florida topics. Also includes correspondence, and handwritten notes by Leo Hauser and Aaron Spector, usually connecting events in Hauser family history to events described in the newspaper articles.545 A According to notes in Scrapbook #6, the Hauser family moved to Detroit, Fla. (now Florida City) in 1914. Later they moved to Miami, where Leo and his father helped build the Julia Tuttle Apartments and the Miami Country Club clubhouse. Luellen Hauser taught in area high schools and at the University of Miami.

Spenser, Lucien A.
A Brief history of the Florida Indians : typescript, 1928.
211 leaves ; 28 cm.
In three folders.
"A compilation of facts drawn from the reports of the War Department, Office of Indian Affairs, and investigations by the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution, to which are added [the author's] own observations..." -- Preface.
Lucien Spenser worked with the Office of Indian Affairs as Special Commissioner to negotiate with Indian groups.
Library holds two copies of the typescript.
Forms part of the Literary Manuscripts collection.
LMS Box 2

Spinsters Club of Miami (Fla.)
Scrapbooks, 1941-1970.
4 v.
Clippings and other memorabilia are arranged in rough chronological order. Scrapbooks are in poor condition.
News clippings, invitations, menus and other memorabilia chronicle the social activities, engagements and weddings of the members of the Spinsters Club. Clippings usually have been dated, and go from 1941 to March 1970.
The Spinsters Club of Miami was organized in February 1941, in response to the creation of a Bachelors Club. Members are young, single women in the Miami area. The club's purpose is social--to host events where eligible women meet eligible men--though during the war years there was some involvement in defense work.
Gift of the Spinsters Club of Miami, 1988.

Sprague, John T., 1810-1878.
Signature of John T. Sprague, 1865-1870?
1 item.
Cut out signature with rank as Colonel, U.S. Army, mounted on cardboard along with a biographical clipping on Sprague.
John T. Sprague was brevetted Colonel in June 1865 and stationed in Florida that year, where he also acted as military governor. He retired in 1870.
Gift of Robert S. Carr, 1989.
MS Box 44

Steiglitz, Clarence.
Hurricane effects on Miami and Cuba : 1926-1927.
1 album (141 photographic prints).
Views of damage and relief efforts, including emergency hospital at the McAllister Hotel and relief food suppliers. Scenes of Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Coral Gables, other parts of Dade County, and Havana. Some clippings and memorabilia at back of album.
Newspaper and publicity photographer. Steiglitz shot views of two major hurricanes--the September 1926 storm that hit Miami and the October 1926 storm that struck Cuba.
Gift of Jack Smith, 1989.
Photo Albums. Box 17

Straight, William M., collector.
Photographs of Boy Scouts, 1929-1935.
3 albums (155 photographic prints)
Views of Boy Scouts from the Miami area camping in South Florida, near Gainesville (Florida), and near Brevard (North Carolina).
Mainly 5 x 7 in. photographic prints, some with original negatives. Some photographic prints are separate from the albums.
Physician, historian, and Eagle Scout.
Gift of Dr. William M. Straight, 1984.

Street-railroads in Dade County, 1920-1940 : research notes, 1940?
12 pages : diagrams.
Manuscript trace sequence ordinances on buses, jitneys, and the various street car lines that served Miami, Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Includes 1 diagram of routes.
MS Box 37

Summit of the Americas (1994 : Miami, Fla.)
Greater Miami Media Resource Book : bound transcript, 1994.
190 pages.
The Greater Miami Media Resource book, compiled for attendees of the Summit of the Americas, gives an overview of Miami's economy, cultural resources, neighborhoods and its relationship with the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean.
The Summit of the Americas, held in Miami on December 9-11, 1994, was the first hemispheric summit hosted by the United States. It brought together 33 democratically elected leaders of North America, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Summit themes focused on democracy, trade and the environment.
MS Box 56

Sumner, M. L., collector.
Miami and Coral Gables development : scrapbook, 1925-1926.
1 v. (100 items).
Newspaper clippings and notes pertain to real estate and banking matters at the height of the Florida land boom. Collection also includes letters of recommendation for M. L. Sumner.
Scrapbooks. Box 3

Surf Club (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Surf Club party invitations, 1930s.
11 items.
Invitations for seasonal or thematic parties (St. Patrick's Day, Parnassus, etc.)
Gift of John Reese, 1986.
MS Box 31