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Rada, Rudi, 1907-1961.
Rudi and Annette Rada photographs, 1946-1974 (bulk 1952-1956).
24 linear ft.
Photographic prints arranged by building, assignment, structural detail, or place. Negatives arranged numerically using a Rada-designed system based on date.
Access to negatives restricted.
Mainly photographs of buildings, particularly architect-designed houses. Also included are views of apartments, hotels, commercial buildings, churches, and schools. Other topics include suburb developments, Seminole Indians, rooms decorated for Christmas, and a 1959 P.& O. cruise to Havana. Most views are of Dade County, though some are of other parts of Florida, the Bahamas, and South America.
Architectural photographers. Rudi Rada shot pictures for the Miami News, the Miami Herald, House and Garden, and American Home.
Inventory in repository.
Gift of Margaret Scoonover 1976.
M11, M82, R30

Railey, Lilburn R., collector.
Anti-pari mutual crusade in Miami and Railey family papers, 1863-1930 (bulk 1923-1929).
Clippings, pamphlets and letters pertains to the campaign to outlaw pari-mutual wagering and other forms of gambling in Miami. Also included are clippings on the tourist industry and family papers consisting of certificates awarded to members of the Railey family.
Lilburn R. Railey, attorney, led the attack against horse and greyhound racing in Miami. His action culminated in a decision by the Florida State Supreme court outlawing pari-mutual wagering and other forms of wagering in the state.
Gift of Sarah Railey Miles, 1987.
MS Box 56

Rankin, Susan.
Miss Julia Harris : a biography, 1991.
ca. 100 leaves.
Account of the life of the founder of Miss Harris' Florida School for Girls, written by her great great niece.
Julia Fillmore Harris was an educator and founder of a long established private school, located in Miami from 1917-1957, then moved to Palm City. Miss Harris retired in 1969; the school closed in 1972.
Gift of Susan Harris Rankin, 1992.
MS Box 52

Ranson, Robert.
Letter to Judge Ben Harrison pertaining to Charles Torrey Simpson, 1926 February 23.
1 p.
Letter includes description of naturalist Charles Torrey Simpson at age 79 and comments on boom-time Florida.
MS Box 37

Ranson, Robert.
Letter to Judge Ben Harrison describing Carolina parakeet sightings, 1926 April 9.
1 leaf.
"...after not seeing any paroquets on the East Coast since 1886 I have lately seen several down here [Miami]..."
Extinct species. Last probable sighting near Lake Okeechobee in the 1930s.
MS Box 37

Ranson, Robert
A memoir of Captain Mills Olcott Burnham, a Florida pioneer : East Coast Florida Memoirs, 1837-1886 : typescript (photocopy)
Typewritten transcript of the book East Coast Memoirs, 1837 to 1886. Printed by T. J. Appleyard, Tallahassee, 1926.
24 leaves.
Photocopy of typescript.
Original book in possession of Judge Richard P. Robbins, Palm Beach, Fla., in 1957.
Gift of Dr. Charlton Tebeau, 1975.
MS Box 20

Reeder, C. H.
Signatures petitioning his re-election as city commissioner for Miami, 1925.
13 leaves.
Signatures and addresses of qualified votes of the City of Miami, endorsing the candidacy of C. H. Reeder for city commissioner.
MS Box 34

Reiner, John.
Agreement for deed (Miami), 1918.
1 leaf ; 35 cm.
Agreement between Reiner and G. A. Nylund whereby Reiner would sell "Lot 1 of Block 15 of the Northern Boulevard Tract, an addition to the City of Miami" for $350.
Gift of Warren S. Wepman, 1989.
MS Box 40

Rensberger, Jack, collector.
Flood scrapbook, 1947.
50 items.
Newspaper clippings cover the 1947 flood in Dade and Broward counties.
Following a wet summer, two hurricanes (on 1947 September 17 and October 11-12) brought on record flooding throughout South Florida.
Scrapbooks Box 3

Renshaw, Claude A.
Papers of Claude A. Renshaw, 1926-1950.
1 linear ft. (ca. 350 items)
Correspondence, numerous maps, reports, news clippings, architectural and engineering plans for Miami Beach city projects, press releases and publicity material, photographic prints, traffic surveys for 1933, 1934 and 1940, and other papers pertain to the work of the city manager for Miami Beach and reflect aspects of the city's history. Includes material on the attempt to purchase the Firestone and Warner estates at 44th Street and oceanfront, for a city park; Miami Beach tourism during the war years; the 1944-1945 "bathing suit" ordinance; and a 1945 survey of medical facilities in Dade County.
City Manager for Miami Beach, 1925-1958.

Richmond Cottage (Cutler, Fla.) register, 1900-1915 (bulk 1900-1908).
1 v. ; 40 cm.
Entries in register start with Saturday, April 7, 1900, and end with entries of August 12, 1915; there are no entries between May 15, 1908 and September 17, 1914. Names appearing on the register include H. M. Flagler, J. E. Ingraham (repeatedly); J. R. Parrott, J. F. Chaille, E. V. Blackman, Kirk Munroe, etc. Inserted between the pages are incidental items, including a business card for Chaille Apartments, and a pamphlet: Questions answered, issued by the Daily Miami Metropolis.
The Richmond Cottage or Richmond Inn was built in 1896 by S. H. Richmond, who was appointed resident manager when Henry Flagler's East Coast Railway gained an interest in the property. The Inn was operated by Mrs. Edith Richmond. It was a rustic hunting lodge catering to local residents and railroad executives who were then coming to Dade County in connection with the extension of the railway. The building later became a part of the Charles Deering estate.
Gift of Daniel M. Brown, 1961.
Gift of Daniel M. Brown, Jr., 1961.
MS Box 24

Ringblom, Hilda, collector.
Papers pertaining to Amelia Earhart, 1960s-1975.
ca. 25 items.
Newspaper clippings, correspondence relating to relocating the coral rock Amelia Earhart monument from an airfield by LeJeune Road to Amelia Earhart Elementary School grounds; a Zonta International biographical sketch on Amelia Earhart and a 1964 flyer on Zonta aviation scholarships for women; and Amelia Earhart Elementary School programs and invitations.
Hilda Ringblom was principal of Amelia Earhart Elementary School, named after the famous flyer. In 1966 the school was chosen as site for the relocated 1947 monument to Earhart's first transatlantic flight.
Gift of Hilda Ringblom, 1987.
See also South Florida Historic Photographs Collection under Earhart, Amelia.
MS Box 32

Roberts, William Henry.
Outhouses to computers : a Key West native's commentary on the growth of Florida, 1989.
122,76 leaves.
Volume One: 1914-1928. -- Volume Two: Memories of the 1930s.
Boat builder's personal reminiscences of Key West and Miami.
Gift of William Henry Roberts, 1990.
MS Box 50

Robinson, Thomas A.
Spessard L. Holland's initiative at Tallahassee, 1933, in his rookie year as senator : typescript, 1970.
28 leaves.
Article written after Senator Holland's retirement from office (1969 November 12).
MS Box 59

Rogers, Francis G.
Dade County War Bond sales papers, 1944-1946.
7 items.
Correspondence, booklet on U.S. Armed Forces, certificate, list of bond drives, 1941-1945, and an aviator's list of survival phrases in various Eastern languages to be used after forced landings.
Gift of Mrs. John Finlayson, 1979.
MS Box 14

Romer, Gleason Waite.
Miami ... past is prologue, 1895-1962.
1 album (17 photographic prints ; 8 x 10 in.).
Arranged chronologically.
Album compiled to demonstrate the breadth of the photographer's collection. Mainly aerial and street views of Biscayne Boulevard and Bayfront Park, in downtown Miami. Brief captions.
Related materials: Miami-Dade Public Library System, Florida Collection, Romer Collection.
Monroe, Gary. Romer's Miami. -- Miami : Miami-Dade Public Library System, 1985.
Photo albums. Box 7

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
Invitation to Hellenic Ladies Society, Miami : telegram, 1937 May 23.
1 item.
"... I was pleased with the harmony and peace of your club I would like to have you hold your next birthday program in the White House Blue Room ..."
MS Box 37

Ross, Frederick, Town Clerk.
Letter to William V. Little, Coconut Grove, Fla., 1921 March 7.
1 leaf ; 25 cm.
Letter from Frederick Ross expressing appreciation upon Little's retirement as mayor of Coconut Grove. Letterhead includes list of town officials, the town of Coconut Grove corporate seal, and a list of the Board of Aldermen.
William V. Little was Mayor of the Town of Coconut Grove for 1920-1921. Frederick Ross, the Town Clerk, wrote this letter at the request of the Town Council, quoting the Council minutes of March 7, 1921.
Housed in MS Box 14 under heading: Little, William V.
MS Box 14

Rosston, Charles A.
Papers relating to discharge from New York Infantry, 1898-1960s.
4 items.
Muster-out papers from Company A, 22nd Regiment of Infantry, New York Volunteers, and biographical clippings from Albany, New York, newspapers, pertain to the life of Charles A. Rosston.
Related dress uniform is in the Artifacts Collection.
MS Box 15