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MacKay, George.
United States survey of township 53 south, Range 41 east, 1845 & 1874 : field notes (photocopies), 1987.
ca. 100 leaves.
George MacKay executed the 1845-1846 survey; this makes up the bulk of the material. An 1874 set of field notes was prepared by Marcellus A. Williams.
Gift of Don Gaby, 1991.
MS Box 50

MacVicar, Alice M.
Shenandoah Junior High School papers, 1926-1940s.
50 items.
Correspondence, programs, newspaper clippings, minutes, reports and balance sheets pertain to Shenandoah Jr. High, and particularly to its Parent-Teachers Association and to the school's cafeteria, which the Association sponsored.
Alice M. MacVicar was the first principal at Shenandoah Junior High.
Gift of Jacquelyn Biggane, 1978.
MS Box 1

Maitland, Arthur.
Letter and resume, 1931.
3 items.
Letter is a response to Henry Salem Hubbell's note about a "Director post at your Little Theatre."
MS Box 37

Maloney, Walter Cathcart, 1813-1884.
Letter to Governor Richard Keith Call, 1843.
1 item (3 p.)
Report on elections held in Dade County on 1843 November 6, with reasons why the election should not be considered valid.
After Seminoles destroyed Indian Key (the county seat) in 1840, most South Florida residents left. Walter Maloney, acting county clerk, fled to Key West.
MS Box 19

Manley, Marion, 1893-1984.
Architectural drawings and papers, 1938-1968.
55 sets (300 sheets).
Related artifacts are located in the objects collection.
Elevations and plans for houses in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami Lakes, Plantation Key, South Miami, and Dade County. Clients include Denman Fink, Melville Grosvenor, Wirth Munroe, Philip Wylie, and Herbert Zim. Other buildings include the Baptist Student Center and Canterbury House at the University of Miami, Miami Lakes offices, and the Quaker Meeting House (Coral Gables). Papers include photographic prints, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook, and ephemera.
Architect. Practiced in Miami region, 1918-1964.
Inventory in the repository.
Gift of Dorothy McKenna and Mrs. Marion Truxal, 1987.
Finding Aid

Manucy, Albert C.
Fort Jefferson slide talk : typescript and press releases, 1937- 1947.
Typescript: 26 leaves.
Press releases: 2 items.
National Parks Service press releases for 1937 and 1938 on Fort Jefferson National Monument in the Dry Tortugas.
MS Box 28

Marks, J. M.
License to manage marine curios, 1922-1923 (bulk 1922).
1 item ; 17 x 22 cm.
Gift of J. M. Marks, 1979.
MS Box 6

Marshall, George, fl. 1849.
Homesteading papers, 1849.
Photocopy of original in the National Archives.
George Marshall filed for 160 acres of land "between the forks of the Miami River near Key Biscayne Bay about four miles up said river."
MS Box 22

Martin, Sylva.
Papers, 1916-1983.
3.5 linear feet.
Roughly organized into series: family and personal papers, visual materials, diaries, papers relating to the City of South Miami, newspaper clippings, and newspapers.
Papers relate to South Miami, the Graenicher family, and Sylva Martin. Diaries pertain to Sylva Martin's life in South Miami and her travels in the U.S. and abroad. The newspapers pertain to South Miami and date from 1945 to 1973.
Clerk, tax assessor, and tax collector for the City of South Miami, 1936-1957. Martin lived in Larkins / South Miami from 1917 until her death, ca. 1988. She became the unofficial keeper of the area's history.
Finding aid in the repository.
Gift of Sylva Martin, 1987.
Related object, a religious icon, is in the Objects Collection.
M26A-B, M53I, M59D

Masip, Jose.
Papers relating to immigration from Cuba to Miami, 1966-1967.
4 items.
Collection includes two forms: Centro para refugiados cubanos; Planilla de informacion familiar; and two ID cards for Jose Leon Masip or Massip--one for the Dade County Cuban Refugee Emergency Center and one for Catholic Relief Services.
Material reflects some of the paperwork and agencies involved in the massive Cuban exodus to Miami in the 1960s.
Gift of Hilda Masip, 1989.
MS Box 52

Matheson, R. Hardy.
Papers relating to the creation of Biscayne National Monument, 1960-1968.
1 linear foot.
Documents, correspondence, and ephemera, including Islandia tax records, congressional bill to create the monument, proposals, litigation, letters of support, bumper stickers, pamphlets, and clippings.
Dade County commissioner and leading proponent for the creation of Biscayne National Monument. Although he owned several lots on Elliott Key, Matheson opposed the development of Islandia.
During the 1960s, landowners planned to develop Elliott Key and the surrounding islands as the City of Islandia, to be connected to the mainland by a causeway. The area became Biscayne National Monument instead, now Biscayne National Park.
Finding aid in the repository.
Gift of R. Hardy Matheson, 1987.

Mathews, James Francis.
Diploma from Ida M. Fisher High School, 1935 May 31.
1 item.
Gift of James F. Mathews, 1985.
MS Box 31

Matlack, Claude C., 1878-1944.
Claude C. Matlack photographs, 1896-1943 (bulk 1918-1942).
8,500 items (12 linear ft.)
The views are primarily of places and people in Miami Beach, Miami, Florida Keys, Tamiami Trail, and the Everglades area; and to a lesser extent, of Fort Lauderdale, the Bahamas, and Fort Jefferson. Series include buildings of various types, Seminole Indians, people at beaches, recreational boats and boating, polo, golf, school children, aviation, film making, dredging and construction.
Commercial photographer. Matlack worked in Miami and Miami Beach between 1918 and 1942.
Gift of Mileo Photo Shop, 1952.
Finding aid

Matlack, Claude C.
Miami Beach photograph album, ca. 1925.
1 album (105 photographic prints ; 5 x 7 in.).
Views of people, buildings, boat races, swim meets, polo games, fishing trips, etc. A few views relate to Miami or the Everglades.
Photo albums. Box 3

McAdam, Nina E.
School girls memory book : album, 1916-1938 (bulk 1919-1920).
1 v. ; 26 cm.
Autographs, correspondence, photographic prints, clippings, etc. in a souvenir album arranged by Nina McAdam to commemorate her senior year at Miami High School, 1919-1920.
Nina McAdam was valedictorian of the 1920 graduating class at Miami High School. After graduating from the University of Florida, she joined the faculty at Miami High School and was appointed Dean of girls in 1930. She also served as president of the greater Miami Zonta Club.
Gift of Margaret R. Grutzbach, 1986.
Forms part of the Margaret Rogers Grutzbach papers.
MS Box 29

McCahill, Mary.
Miami from 1830 until today : typescript, 1939.
64 leaves.
Surveys Miami's history, based on newspaper research and interviews with early residents.
Gift of R. V. Waters.
Includes a long excerpt from Walter Winchell's article on Miami Beach in the Miami Herald, December 28, 1938.
MS Box 6

McCormick family.
Diaries, 1884-1914.
2 boxes (1 linear ft.)
34 autograph diaries by two members of the McCormick family record events of their lives in South Florida and Philadelphia at the turn of the century. Florida locations include Hypoluxo, Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Dade County, probably in the Coconut Grove area.
It appears that the McCormicks initially came down for the winter to South Florida, and later may have been here most of the year. R. R. McCormick kept careful track of the weather and his business correspondence; W.F. (who may have been his son and wrote only one of the diaries) went fishing and wrote poetry.
Gift of Tropical Audubon Society, 1989.
Forms part of the Charles Mann Brookfield collection.

McCormick, W. F. J.
Yacht Wabun of Biscayne Bay : log book, 1900 February-April; September-December.
1 v. ; 20 cm.
Brief sporadic entries describe fishing and sailing south of Coconut Grove to the upper Keys.
W. F. J. McCormick was a Coconut Grove seasonal resident from the late 1880s on.
See also the McCormick family diaries.
MS 48

McCreary, J. B., road contractor.
Tamiami Trail construction papers, 1916-1924.
ca. 50 items.
Originals and carbons of letters, telegrams, notes, and statements pertaining to the building of a public highway on Tamiami Trail by J. B. McCreary's firm. Most of the correspondence is with the Dade County Board of Commissioners.
Dade County floated a bond issue for building Tamiami Trail in 1916 and contracted with McCreary's firm to build 32 miles of road west of Miami. Citing various problems, the firm sought to withdraw from the project after completing 17 miles in 1923. The State Road Dept. completed the Trail in 1928.
MS Box 38

McCune, Adrian.
Appraisal report prepared for Dade County Port Authority of property located in Hialeah, Dade County, Florida : typescript (carbon copy), 1949 April 28.
1 v. (390 l.)
Financial appraisals of airport, buildings, dwellings, and land in Hialeah. Small photographic prints of each parcel have been attached to each appraisal.
Real estate consultant and appraiser, Miami.
Poor physical condition.

McGregor, Angus.
Dade's bloody period : 1895, Lemon City : typescript 194-?
13 leaves.
"Much of the information was taken from an article in the Miami Metropolis in 1909." Account of a saloon dispute, which lead to five deaths and the lynching of gunman Sam Lewis.
MS Box 6

McKay, John G., collector.
Papers relating to the Florida territorial council, 1822-1834.
25 items.
Drafts of bills and letters pertaining to the Florida legislative council. Principal correspondents are Governor Duval and James P. Wescott.
Gift of Mrs. John G. McKay, 1951.
McKay purchased the collection from Wilford H. Langhoff on May 4, 1938. Langhoff obtained them in 1937 from George Saric of Birmingham, Alabama.
MS Box 22

McKean, William W.
Letter to Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy : photocopy, 1862 April 19.
4 leaves ; 32 cm.
Letter requesting instructions on the location of a naval machine shop in Key West, outlining the need for a wharf to serve the shop, and announcing the capture of the Confederate steamship Florida.
Location of original not determined.
William McKean was Flag Officer on the USS Niagara, stationed at Key West, when he wrote this letter. Florida had declared for the Confederacy but Key West remained a Union stronghold.
MS Box 40

Letter concerning his appointment as U.S. Customs revenue collector in Key West, 1876 December 17.
1 leaf ; 20 cm.
The letter, written to McKnight's Aunt Nancy, has no envelope and is signed with the single name.
MS Box 52

McWilliams, Terrance J., collector.
Jim Morrison's trial transcripts (excerpts) : typescripts (photocopies), 1970.
1 box (0.5 cubic ft.)
Arranged in folders by date.
Photocopies of partial transcripts of testimony given at the trial of Jim Morrison, singer and leader of the rock group The Doors. Transcripts include testimony for 1970 August 17, 19, 20, 25, 27 and September 2,3,16, and 17. Also included are photocopies of related contemporary newspaper articles, and a composite photographic print.
The State of Florida, Plaintiff, vs. James Morrison, Defendant, #69-2355, was heard in Circuit Court, Dade County, before Judge Murray Goodman, beginning 1970 August 10. Verdict (guilty of 2 out of 4 counts) was given September 20th. Morrison had been accused of illegal/indecent behavior during a rock concert by The Doors, held in Dade County Auditorium on 1969 March 1. Terrence McWilliams was an Assistant State Attorney assigned to the trial.
Copied from records in the possession of Terrence J. McWilliams.

Meggs, Donald A, collector.
Miami and Florida history newspaper clippings : scrapbooks, 1960s-1971.
3 v. (ca. 150 items); 29 cm.
Newspaper clippings of articles on South Florida history are arranged by geographic location.
Bequest of Donald A. Meggs.
Scrapbooks. Box 1 (M28B)

Menu for dinner in honor of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1963 November 18.
1 item.
Menu for dinner given for President Kennedy at the Americana Hotel, Miami Beach, by the Inter American Press Association. He died six days later.
The President's address to the journalists at the dinner pressed for a "Latin Alliance" for the Americas [Facts on File, 1993]. He was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
Gift of Sue Goldman, 1990.
MS Box 44

Mercier, George John.
Papers of George J. Mercier, 1872-1954.
15 items.
Plat map of land in West Palm Beach, certificates for mate and master pilot, letter and clippings on his work as captain, and a typescript: Steam boating on rivers in Florida, 1874-1896, written in 1954 by his daughter Edith Mercier Conklin Simmons.
George John Mercier was born in Charleston, South Carolina. In the early 1880s he moved to Florida and worked as a steamboat captain on the St. Johns River and for the Indian River Steamship Co. By 1894, he began plying inland rivers as the railroad extension had reduced the demand for intracoastal steamers. Moving to Miami in 1901, he worked in the charter boat business. Mercier died in Miami in 1911.
MS Box 38

Merrick, Eunice Peacock, collector.
Coral Gables aerial photographs album, 1924?
1 v. ; 26 x 41 cm.
Forty aerial photographic prints of early Coral Gables, by professional photographer Richard Hoit. Eunice Merrick's name is signed on the back of each photographic print. Taken at an early stage of Coral Gables' development, this collection shows the Biltmore Hotel under construction, Venetian Pool completed, the water tower and major roads, with groves interspersed with the first residential buildings.
Richard B. Hoit came to Miami in 1914, when he was 27 and already had much experience with movie and aerial photography. From then until 1956, when he retired to Georgia, he flew 2,600 hours and produced over 25,000 aerial photographs. His clients included George Merrick, creator of Coral Gables, whose wife Eunice carefully identified this volume as her own.
Gift of Eunice Peacock Merrick, circa 1957.

Merrick, George Edgar, 1886-1942.
Papers, 1907-1957 (bulk 1935-1942).
4 boxes (4.5 cubic ft.)
Arranged in folders by subject.
Correspondence, clippings, brochures, maps, real estate records and related papers trace the activities of George Merrick, founder of the city of Coral Gables. Most of the collection pertains to the 1930s and later years, including a substantial amount on the Dade County Planning Board, but the development of Coral Gables and Merrick's many other civic activities and personal friends are also reflected.
Pioneer citrus farmer, civic activist, and designer and developer of Coral Gables, the "City Beautiful." 1926: the Florida land boom, which had dropped, crashed to a bust. Merrick's assets suffer badly. 1927-1935: worked to pay off debts, a lifelong task. A series of real estate developments failed through lack of capital. 1935: re-entered real estate as president of George E. Merrick Inc. 1936-1939: member of Dade County Planning Board. Helped with the creation of Fairchild Tropical Garden. 1940: resigned from real estate firm to become Postmaster for Miami. 1942 December 12: died of heart attack, age 56.
Register available in archives ; folder level control.
Gift of Eunice Peacock Merrick, 1958.

Merrick, George Edgar, 1886-1942.
Papers, 1915.
2 items.
Stock certificate for six shares of Realty Securities Corporation; and a Governor's Commission appointing George E. Merrick as County Commissioner for District One, Dade County.
MS Box 37

Merrick, Solomon.
Deeds : 1899 July, 1903 November 24.
2 items.
Deeds record purchase by Merrick of 160 Dade County acres from William and Sarah Gregory, and of three City of Miami lots from the Fort Dallas Land Company.
Solomon Merrick added to his Dade County holdings and grew citrus. His son and heir, George Merrick, developed the City of Coral Gables on this land.
MS Box 1

Mesnekoff, David, collector.
Saving books and checks from Dade County banks, 1968-1992.
10 items.
Mesnekoff family bank books from various Miami banks. Also includes check leaf and a business card.
Gift of David Mesnekoff, 1992.
MS Box 56

Metropolitan Dade County (Fla.). Aviation Department.
Miami International Airport : papers, 1980-1981.
32 leaves.
Informational releases, statistics, maps and plans pertain to Miami International Airport. Collection includes a historical survey of airports and aviation in Dade County.
MS Box 49

Metropolitan Dade County (Fla.). Office of Community Development Historic Preservation Division.
Architects in Dade County : research project, 1975-1979?
Ca. 200 leaves.
In two folders.
Alphabetical listing of architects who practiced in Dade County from the 1900s to the 1950s. Some entries have information on building projects or biographical material; there are references to other sources. Most material is photocopied. Included at the end are photocopies of three articles on aspects of home construction in the Miami area.
Created as part of an architectural survey conducted by Dade County in the late 1970s, known as the Dade County Historic Survey.
MS Box 11

Miami (Fla.)
Traffic ordinance (no. 21) of the City of Miami, Fla. and drafts : typescripts (carbon copies), 1916-1917.
3 items (6 leaves).
Unsigned copy of a 1917 January ordinance, and copies of two earlier drafts.
MS Box 34

Miami (Fla.). City Planning Board.
Interama scrapbook, 1950-1959.
Ca. 100 items.
Newspaper clippings, primarily from the Miami Herald, trace a decade of plans and negotiations for a proposed Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center [Interama] to be built on the large Graves tract in northeast Dade County.
Interama never materialized. Part of the Graves tract was later used for the North Dade Campus of Florida International University.
Gift of the Dade County Planning Department, 1991.
Scrapbooks. Box 4

Miami (Fla.). Planning Department.
Historic Miami buildings : designation reports, 1983.
8 items.
Reports include general, historical and architectural information for eight structures: Housekeepers Club House, Coconut Grove; Pan American Air Lines Terminal, Dinner Key; Freedom Tower; The Alamo at Jackson Memorial Hospital; the Barnacle (Munroe family home); and Dr. James M. Jackson's office.
Reports were prepared for the Heritage Conservation Board, for potential designation of these buildings as Heritage Conservation zoning districts.
MS Box 11

Miami and Arch Creek photographic prints, 1910.
1 album (15 photographic prints).
Snapshots of an unidentified family. Views include Arch Creek natural bridge, fishing and boating trips, White and Afro-American children, and automobiles.
Tooled leather album (4.5 x 6 in.) with "Miami - Fla." in ink on the cover.
Photo albums. Box 15

Miami and Palm Beach : scrapbook pages, 1890s.
21 items.
Nineteen illustrations and two menus pertain to a visitor's Florida in the 1890s. Scenes in Miami include the Miami Casino swimming pool, a paddleboat steamer on Biscayne Bay and the Royal Palm Hotel. Menus are for the Royal Palm and for the Royal Poinciana Hotel in Palm Beach; both dated 1898.
Scrapbooks Box 3

Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.
Letter [to] Mr. P. O. Vocca, 1926 October 13.
1 item ; 28 cm.
Written less than a month after the destructive 1926 hurricane, the letter urged a member to pay his dues and "let the world know at large" that Miami Beach was ready to take care of its winter visitors. On Chamber of Commerce letterhead and signed by several officers of the organization.
Gift of Lillian Vaca, 1989.
MS Box 41

Miami Beach papers and record books, 1914-1926.
Record books: 2 v. ; 20 cm.
Papers: 4 items.
Record books are missing many pages; remaining information pertains to Miami Beach sales figures, use of electricity, water and so on for varying years. Papers include a proposal addressed to the Miami Beach City Commission, for improvements to be made in 1926, two maps showing these proposed sewers, paving and water mains; and a report from the Miami Beach City Auditor for August 1931.
The two record books may be part of the Carl G. Fisher papers. One of them contains a note written to Miss Collier [Fisher's secretary, later his wife] by C. B. Floyd, president of Beach Construction Company.
MS Box 7

Miami Beach Realty Board.
Property values : letters, 1930 October.
1 leaf.
Letter is headed: Dear Property owner, and offers listing and appraised services "in an effort to stabilize real estate values." On company letterhead with list of board of governors; Thomas J. Pancoast, President.
MS Box 37

Miami Beach Recreation Pier.
Scrapbooks, 1942-1945.
4 v.
Items are arranged chronologically in four scrapbooks; some loose material is in the fourth and longest book, and in a separate folder.
News clippings, publicity material, bulletins and newsletters outline the creation and activities of a group of World War II servicemen's canteens in the Miami area, the first and largest of which was at the Miami Beach recreation pier on South Beach. Other canteens were located in Coconut Grove, North Miami and Collins Avenue, as well as at the Surf Club.
In March 1942 a group of Miami area women, headed by Mrs. Russell Pancoast, formed the Miami Beach Servicemen's Recreation Pier Association. On 1942 April 15, on the site of the old Million-Dollar Pier, 1 Ocean Drive, they opened the first of what were to be seven locations where servicemen could find recreation and help that varied from sewing on a button to dormitory service at 50 cents a night. The Ocean Drive pier, its war work accomplished, was returned to the City of Miami Beach on 1945 December 1.

Miami Board of Realtors.
Ocean Drive resolution, 1924 July 21.
1 leaf ; 32 cm.
Resolution by the Miami Realty Board (later Miami Board of Realtors) opposing the use of eminent domain in preserving an existing "Ocean Drive" waterfront road in Miami.
As the pressure of development grew in the 1920s, much of the open feeling of an earlier Miami disappeared. Among the amenities lost was this road by the bay "built on private property under an agreement that it could be moved at any time by the owners of said property."
MS Box 34

Miami Chamber of Commerce.
1926 hurricane file, 1926 September 22-30.
25 items.
Correspondence, primarily from other cities, offering sympathy and help.
Gift of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, 1954.
MS Box 19

Miami Chamber of Commerce (Miami, Fla.)
Program for ceremony transferring land from the Seminoles : photocopy, 1927 February 5.
4 leaves.
Photocopy of program for ceremony sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with E. L. Lasher of the Musa Isle Indian Village and Alligator Farm. Includes speech by Lon Worth Crow, Chamber of Commerce president, and Seminole Chief Tommy. Also includes sales pitch for Everglades muck land.
Location of original not determined.
MS Box 8

Miami City Cemetery (Miami, Fla.)
Death cards, 1896-1988?
15 microfiche.
Two series, black and white, are arranged alphabetically by surname.
Cards record interments at the cemetery. For each internment, information includes name, race (social state), date and place of birth, last residence (city), age, sex, date of death, date of internment, location within the cemetery, undertaker, and nearest relative.
The Miami City Cemetery, located on 11 acres at N. E. 2 Avenue at 18 Street, contains more than 8,000 burials dating from 1896 to the present. Sections have been allocated for whites, blacks, Jews, and Spanish-American War veterans. The City of Miami owns and maintains the cemetery.
Gift of the Miami News, 1988.

Miami City Hall, Dinner Key, 1933-1958 : research note cards, 1959?
17 cards ; 3 x 4 in.
Notes trace the construction and subsequent alterations to the Miami City Hall buildings, originally built in 1933 as the Pan American Air Lines Terminal building. Cards list blueprints and other records in the Miami Public Works Department, architects, date and nature of construction or alteration, etc.
Gift of Woodrow W. Wilkins, 1979.
MS Box 14

Miami Conservatory of Music (Miami, Fla.)
Scrapbooks, 1921-1955.
19 v.
Thirteen of the scrapbooks have material on the Miami Conservatory and on other musical activities in the South Florida area; the others have clippings of periodical articles on general music history and theory.
Concert programs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, magazine articles, cartoons, photographic prints, and newsletters trace the activities of the Miami Conservatory from its beginning in 1921 until the mid-1950s. Material also covers a wide range of musical events, organizations and individuals in South Florida for those years. There is also much information on the early years of the University of Miami, on the Aeolian Chorus (women's voices), and on the Musicians Club of America, which aimed to provide retirement facilities for musicians.
Bertha Foster established the Miami Conservatory in 1921, and owned it until 1956. In 1926 she was appointed a charter member of the University of Miami and served as Dean of the University's School of Music until 1943, when she became Dean Emeritus.
M26G, M56F-G

Miami Deep Water Society (Miami, Fla.)
Records, 1912-1914.
Papers: 32 items.
Account book: 1 v. ; 35 cm.
Minutes of board meetings, notes, correspondence and an account book document efforts to create deep water access to Miami. Most of the papers are dated 1914; the account book dates are 1912-[1913?]
The Miami Deep Water Society was a "corporation, not for profit, formed to secure an adequate deep water channel and harbor improvements for the City of Miami and Dade County..." -- Letterhead, 1914. Its efforts to make Miami a deep water port brought the corporation into conflict with the Ocean Beach Realty Company, whose interest lay on the Miami Beach side.
Gift of Mrs. F. W. Woolrich, 1951.
MS Box 36, MS Box 24

Miami Everglades Land Company.
Report on review of records : typescript, 1918-1939.
30 pages
Audit of the books, files and records of the Miami Everglades Land Company.
Audit was prepared for the company's trustees, Shutts, Smith and Bowenby the accounting firm of Pentland, Purvis, Keller and Milton.
Gift of Nancy Harrington.
MS Box 58

Miami Floral Company (Miami, Fla.)
Bills, orders and receipts of the Miami Floral Company, 1907-1914.
11 items.
The Miami Floral Company was Miami's first florist shop. The Warner family owned and operated it from 1906 until 1972.
See also Warner House and Warner family papers.
Gift of Robert S. Carr, 1989.
MS Box 44

Miami Garden Club.
Miami Garden Club records, 1937-1988.
Scrapbooks: 5 vols.
Yearbooks: 36 vols.
Clippings and notes: ca. 100 items.
Materials pertain to the history and activities of the Miami Garden Club. Includes information on the club's drive for the preservation of Simpson Park from development and the encroachment of the north - south expressway (I-95).
The Miami Garden Club was organized in 1922 to disseminate information on gardening and to sponsor landscape and beautification projects in public places.
Gift of Mary Carolyn Pohl, 1994.
M33D & M93D

Miami Garden Club.
Records : 1926-1974 (bulk 1960s-1970s).
12 folders ; 0.35 cubic ft.
Minutes, correspondence and reports pertain to the administration and civic activities of the Miami Garden Club. Photographic prints documenting the beautification projects are attached to the reports.
The Miami Garden Club undertook several civic beautification projects in Miami. Included are the Children's Center, the Day Nursery, and the Garden Therapy Project at the Veterans Administration Hospital.
Gift of Margaret Pace Burton.

Miami Heat inaugural season ticket, 1988 October 28.
1 item.
Professional basketball team.
Gift of Luis Ajamil, 1991.
MS Box 50

Miami Herald, collector.
Letters pertaining to World War II experiences, 1985.
2 boxes (1 linear ft.)
Alphabetically arranged by correspondent's last name.
Letters from Miami Herald readers describe the impact of World War II on their lives.
In 1985 the Living Today section of the Miami Herald asked for letters from its readers on how World War II had affected them. In its May 5th issue, as part of the Herald's coverage of the 40th anniversary of World War II, excerpts from some of these letters were printed.
Gift of The Miami Herald, 1985.

Miami Herald.
Photographs, 1896-1981.
Negatives : 14 linear ft.
Photographic prints : 340 items ; 11 x 14 in.
Photograph albums : 2 items.
Organized into the following series: I. "Historical files" photographic prints, 1920s; II. Nixon Smiley negatives, 1950s; III. 35mm negatives, 1962-1981.
Historical file contains 340 photographic prints by Richard B. Hoit, mainly 1920s aerial views of Miami and Miami Beach, and two albums of Miami Beach by Claude C. Matlack. Nixon Smiley series comprises 12 linear ft. of 4 x 5 in. and 110 mm. negatives shot by Smiley while he was gardening editor in the 1950s. Views are of plants (native and exotic), animals (cattle, dairies, etc.), agriculture (sugar, vegetables, etc.), and natural areas in South Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Central America, and Caracas.
The 35mm negatives, 1.75 linear ft., are primarily of the Republican and Democratic national conventions on Miami Beach, 1972. Also represented are presidential visits to Dade County (Kennedy in 1963, Johnson in 1964); Governor Hayden Burns inauguration, 1965; Bay of Pigs prisoners return to Miami, 1962; disasters (Viking Princess in 1966, Eastern jet in 1972, etc.); McDuffie motorcycle trial in Tampa, 1981; and Haitian refugees dead on South Florida beaches, 1981.
Partial inventory in the repository.
Gift of the Miami Herald, 1983-1986.

Miami Junior Women's Club (Miami, Fla.)
Records, 1941-1982 (bulk 1943-1964).
3 boxes (3 cubic ft.)
Rough chronological arrangement, in scrapbooks and in folders of unbound scrapbook leaves.
Clippings, brochures, photographic prints, programs and other memorabilia relate to the activities of the Miami Junior Women's Club and its members. Mostly arranged on loose scrapbook leaves, the bulk of the material dates from 1943 to the early '60s.
The Miami Junior Women's Club was established in 1927. Meetings were held at the Miami Women's Club building at 1737 North Bayshore Drive. Members of the club were active supporters of various community agencies, especially in the field of child welfare.
Gift of Harold Goldberg, 1982.
M38D, M85E

Miami Marlins.
Baseball cards, 1986-1988.
24 items.
Triple A International League baseball team, 1956-ca. 1990.
Gift of Bob Diamond, 1993.
MS Box 55

Miami Metropolis.
First issue off the press : newspaper, 1896 May 15.
8 p. ; 53 cm.
First issue off the press of the first newspaper to be published in the City of Miami. Much of the issue was devoted to biographical sketches of business and community leaders, and advertisements for local businesses.
Published in "a town not yet ninety days old" the Metropolis was proud of fast growing Miami. The paper was later renamed the Miami News.
Gift of Walter S. Graham, grandson and namesake of the original editor of the Metropolis, to whom this first issue was given.
MS Box 43 (Oversize)

Miami News.
Miami News photographs, 1896-1988 (bulk 1940-1988)
25,046 photographic prints (53 linear ft.)
134 linear ft. negatives ; 35 mm.
Most photographic prints are divided into two sub-series, subject and biographical. Most negatives are arranged by photographer and/or date.
Collection documents events, places, and people in Dade, Monroe, and Broward counties, Florida; and in Cuba, the Bahamas, and the West Indies. Photographic prints include views of aviation, bridges, causeways, hotels, hurricanes, Miami News, Orange Bowl Festival, parks, schools, Seminoles and Miccosukees, ships, sports, streets, theaters, University of Miami, and World War II.
Cite as: Historical Association of Southern Florida, Miami News Collection.
Daily newspaper. Published 1896-1988. Used and collected photographs ca. 1940-1988.
Inventory and indexes in repository.
Gift of the Miami News 1984-1989.
Photographs published in: Kleinberg, Howard. Miami, the Way We Were. Miami, Miami-Daily News, 1985.

Miami News Service.
Publicity photographs, 1939-1942.
2 albums (94 photographic prints ; 8 x 10 in.).
Views of women in bathing suits and costumes, Miami All-American Air Maneuvers; Chalk's seaplanes; water skiing; golf tournaments; U.S. Navy airplanes; Seminole children; and fishing tournaments. Detailed captions.
Hamilton Wright, Jr. operated a publicity agency for the City of Miami. He sent photographs to newspapers throughout the U.S.
Gift of Hamilton Wright, 1980.
Photo albums. Box 7

Miami Ocean View Company.
Miami Ocean View records, 1923-1927.
15 items.
Sales contract, notes, statements and correspondence, relating to the installment purchase of Lots 6 and 7, Block 87, Ocean Beach Addition no. 3, on Miami Beach.
MS Box 34

Miami Pioneer Descendants.
Papers and photographic prints, 1943-1958.
10 folders (3.5 linear in.)
Correspondence pertaining primarily to club rental and dues, minutes of the board, membership lists, debenture certificate and photographic prints of members. Also includes an excerpt from the diary of a young visitor to Miami in 1893, in which she describes a visit with Julia Tuttle.
The Miami Pioneer Descendants formed in 1946 to commemorate the names and deeds of those who helped build the city of Miami. Members must be directly descended from persons eligible to join the Miami Pioneers (i.e., living in the City of Miami prior to 1920).

Miami Pioneers.
Unarranged and undescribed.
Gift of the Miami Pioneers, 1995.

Miami Real Estate Agency.
Records relating to property on the market, 1946-1960.
15 linear inches (100 folders).
Arranged by street.
Informational sheets on residential and commercial property for sale. Listings include a picture of the building, location, accommodations, taxes, asking price, etc. Mainly for structures in Miami, Coral Gables, and Miami Beach, with some listings for Coconut Grove, Hialeah, Kendall, Key Biscayne, and Miami Springs.
The Miami Real Estate Agency was located in the DuPont Building, downtown Miami.
Finding aid in the repository.
Gift of Dade Heritage Trust and Seth Bramson, 1986.

Miami River, New River, and the Everglades : photo album, 1911?
1 album (45 items).
Photographic prints and postcards relate to drainage and agriculture. Includes views of the Everglades, newly constructed canals, and rapids on Miami and/or New rivers, and New River Inn (Ft. Lauderdale). Newspaper clippings at end of album.
Anonymous gift, 1984.
Photo albums. Box 8

Miami Shores and Fountania pageant : brochure, letter and typescript (photocopy), 1926-1980.
20 items.
Souvenir program of Fountania pageant, letter to Mrs. Harris from Arthur Voegtlin (pageant director), and a typescript of a history of Miami Shores by Thelma Peterson [Peters].
Miami Shores was developed during the Miami land boom of the early 1920s by the Shoreland Company, whose principal was Hugh M. Anderson. To boost interest in the waning days of the boom, a theater complex, the Pueblo Feliz, was built in the Arch Creek section of the development in 1925. Chief attraction was the Teatro de Alegria where the Florida historical pageant, Fountania, was staged. The 1926 hurricane and a later fire destroyed the building.
Gift of Marjorie Anderson Hallberg, 1994.
Photographs of the Teatro de Alegria filed under "Miami Shores" in the photograph collection.
MS Box 55

Miami Wholesale Grocery Company.
Corporation record and stock holder's accounts : record book, 1906-1950.
1 v. ; 35 cm.
Minutes of special and annual meetings and register of stockholders.
Gift of George B. Romfh, 1976.
MS Box 5 (oversize)

Miami Woman's Club. Indian Welfare Division.
Reports of the Indian Welfare Division, 1955 May-1956 January.
2 items.
Calendar of activities (described) and separate account of expenditures. Activities included dental treatment for children and other child-related events, such as picnic, parties and presents. Report is signed by Mrs. Herbert Gaylord.
The Miami Woman's Club was established around the turn of the century. These reports are addressed to the club's Public Welfare Chairman.
Gift of Patti Ragan, 1990.
MS Box 44

Miami Womens Golf Association.
Gift of the Miami Womens Golf Association, 1995.

Miami-West India Archaeological Society.
Correspondence and rules of the Miami West India Archaeological Society, 1974 July-1974 August.
10 items.
Correspondence between members includes reference to various archaeological sites in Dade County, such as the Graves site on the Uleta River.
Most of the items are photocopies.
Miami-West India Archaeological Society was the Dade County Chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society.
MS Box 14

Miami's 15th anniversary and the Florida East Coast Railway freight rate war : scrapbook, 1910-1924 (bulk 1911-1912).
1 v. (ca. 75 items).
Clippings from the Miami Metropolis pertain to two main subjects: the celebrations for Miami's 15th anniversary as a city in 1911, and the freight rate war of 1910-1911, as a result of which the Florida East Coast Railway was found to have been charging excessive rates between Jacksonville and Miami. Articles on the growth of Miami and the official program for the celebration of 1911 July 20-22 (which listed airplane flights by the Wright Brothers), give a good picture of the young city.
The Metropolis appears to have championed the growers and merchants who were protesting the freight rates, and promoted the Cook Steam Ship Company's offer to transport goods more cheaply by water. Howard Gill, not the Wright Brothers, flew the Wright Brothers airplane at the 1911 anniversary; it marked the beginning of aeronautics in Dade County.
Scrapbooks. Box 4

Miller, Florence.
My first winter in Florida : typescript (carbon copy), 1899-1900.
6 leaves.
Florence Miller's account of homesteading in the Arch Creek area of northern Dade County.
A group of people from Elmira, New York, came to Dade County in early 1899 and homesteaded 350 acres near Arch Creek.
MS Box 20

Mills, Charles A., 1887-1960.
Papers, 1917-1940s.
9 boxes (14.5 cubic ft.)
Material is unprocessed.
Personal papers and scrapbooks include masses of clippings and memorabilia related to the U.S. Naval Reserve, American Legion, hospitals in Miami, Boy Scouts, Miami Lodge, B.P.O.E. (Elks), Red Cross, and World War II home front projects. There appears to be relatively little connected with his business enterprises, except for brochures from some of the hotels owned by the Mills Corporation.
Charles A. Mills was a real estate developer, civic activist, and member of a pioneer Miami family.
M26C-F, M56B

Miner, Roy Waldo, 1875-1955.
Bahamian coral reef exhibit : journal and newspaper articles, 1937-1993 (bulk 1937 & 1954).
25 pages.
Newspaper and journal articles pertaining to Dr. Roy Waldo Miner's work in the submarine studies of coral reefs. Of importance is the account of his removal of 40 tons of coral near Andros in the Bahamas for the preparation of the coral reef exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
Curator of Marine Life at the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Miner pioneered in the field of scientific undersea exploration and research.
Gift of Howard Miner, Jr., 1993.
Much of the later material concern his wife, Eunice Thomas Miner, who served as the executive director of the American Academy of Science.
Photographic prints filed under "Miner, Roy Waldo" in the Research Center document Dr. Miner at work in the Bahamas.
MS Box 54

Miss Harris' Florida School.
Records, 1916-1957.
3 boxes (4.5 cubic ft.)
Box 1 has copies of the school yearbook and 8 reels of film. Box 2 has card file register. Box 3 has scrapbooks.
Yearbooks, student register, clippings, prints and other memorabilia follow the history of a long time Miami private school. Includes copies of The Frond (yearbook) from 1929-1957 (missing 1943). Card file trays with 4X6 in. cards list students from 1916 on; information includes enrollment dates, addresses, and occasionally family information, colleges attended, marriages and children. Two of the scrapbooks have clippings about school or graduates' activities: others have photographic prints, not usually dated or labeled; one green scrapbook has dated (1957-1961) photographic prints, and appears to show the school after it moved from Miami to Palm City.
Julia Fillmore Harris was a teacher of Latin in Minnesota who wanted to teach children in a healthy out of doors setting. She is first listed in the Miami City Directory in 1916, as head of Craig Open Air School. By 1919 the school was under her own name, and remained Miss Harris' School in Miami until 1957, when the handsome property at 1051 Brickell was sold, and the school moved to Palm City, Florida. Though Miss Harris' School enrolled boys as well, it was primarily a girls' private school, and attracted boarders from other states and from Latin America, as well as local day students.

Miss Harris' School graduates : scrapbook with society page clippings, 1937-1959 (bulk 1945-1955).
Scrapbook: 1 v. ; 58 cm.
Clippings: 100 items.
Primarily newspaper clippings, with a few photographic prints and invitations, the collection documents engagements, weddings and social activities of graduates from Miss Harris' School. A few clippings pertain to the history of the school itself.
Miss Harris' School was established in Miami around 1914. In 1957 its Brickell Avenue waterfront property was sold, and the school moved to Palm City, near Stuart.

Morris, Ironaca.
A Collection of singing games, rhythms and rhymes from Bahamian children : typescript (photocopy), 1977.
27 leaves.
Words and movements for singing games used by children in the Bahamas.
Paper written by Ironaca Morris for a graduate course taught by Dr. Eugene Provenzo at the University of Miami.
MS Box 20

Mosley, Zack, Cartoonist.
Papers of Jack Mosley, 1958-1964.
7 items.
Correspondence and a reprint from AOPA Pilot pertain to the life of cartoonist Zack Mosley and has comic strip Smilin' Jack, which was syndicated by the Herald Tribune for over 30 years.
MS Box 37

Muir, Helen, 1911- .
Miami, U.S.A. : galley proofs, 1953.
97 leaves ; 64 cm.
In one folder.
Gift of Helen Muir, 1954.
Published as: Miami USA. New York : H. Holt, 1953.
Forms part of the Literary Manuscripts collection.
LMS Box 4

Munroe, Charles.
Coral Gables Senior High School : school reports and certificates, 1953-1954.
5 items.
Four honor roll cards and a report card for 1953 September-June, 1954.
Charles Munroe was in grade 11 at Coral Gables Senior High School.
Gift of Charles Munroe, 1992.
MS Box 53

Munroe family.
Postcards, 1907-1912.
8 items.
Postcards with messages on verso sent to Ralph Munroe and his children, Wirth and Patty. Correspondents include Patrick Nugent and Aunt Nellie F. Images relate to Christmas, New Years Day, Independence Day, etc.
MS Box 56

Munroe, Kirk, 1850-1930.
Letter to Mrs. Palmer on growing fruit in Coconut Grove, 1904 April 11.
1 item (folder) ; 16 x 20 cm.
Munroe lists varieties of mangoes grown in his area, as well as giving his experience on other tropical fruits.
Gift of Dr. John G. DuPuis, 1977.
MS Box 18

Munroe, Ralph Middleton, 1851-
The Commodore's story / [Ralph M. Munroe and Vincent Gilpin] : photocopy of typescript, 193?
ca. 360 leaves; 28 cm.
In five folders.
Published as: The Commodore's story / by Ralph Middleton Munroe and Vincent Gilpin. -- Ives Washburn [1930]. Reprinted in 1966 and 1974 by The Historical Association of Southern Florida.
LMS Box 4

Munroe, Ralph Middleton, 1851-1933.
Ralph M. Munroe photographs, 1883-1915.
727 photographic prints.
727 negatives.
The photographic prints are arranged topically.
Access to negatives restricted.
The views reflect Munroe's nautical and family interests. Most are of Coconut Grove; the Barnacle (his home); people (family, friends, tourists, Blacks, Seminoles); maritime places (Miami River, Florida Keys, Bahamas, lighthouses, etc.); and maritime activities around Biscayne Bay (boat-building, sailboats, wrecking, Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, etc.).
Cite as: Historical Association of Southern Florida, Ralph M. Munroe Collection.
Naval architect, boat-builder, and photographer.
Inventory in the repository.
Gift of Mrs. Wirth M. Munroe and Mrs. Patty Munroe Catlow, 1977.
Photographs published in: Parks, Arva Moore. The Forgotten Frontier. Miami: Banyan Books, 1977.

Munroe, Ralph Middleton.
Publication announcement for The Commodore's story, 1930.
7 items.
Seven copies of the publication announcement.
The Commodore's Story, by Ralph Middleton Munroe and Vincent Gilpin, was published in 1930 by Ives-Washburn, New York.
MS Box 2

Munroe, Ralph Middleton, collector.
Papers relating to the Adirondack-Florida School, 1922-1931.
9 items.
Newsletters, cards, and photographic prints.
Private boys school. The Adirondack-Florida School, founded by Paul C. Ransom in 1903, had summer quarters in Onciota, New York, and winter quarters in Coconut Grove, Fla. The name was later changed to Ransom School, then Ransom-Everglades School when it merged with the Everglades School for Girls in the 1970s.
MS Box 2

Munson, F. W.
Diary : typescript (photocopy), 1884-1886.
63 leaves ; 28 cm.
Typewritten transcript of an Indian River area pioneer farmer's diary. The diary documents the daily activities of a hard working world, and the support provided by the community's social life.
During the two years covered by his diary, F. W. Munson carried on the heavy work of a farmer, planting potatoes, oranges, pineapples and melons; built a house and a boat, and was married (on July 1, 1885).
Gift of Dr. Charlton W. Tebeau, 1975.
Original of this diary forms part of the Santini Papers [Box 7, Folder 3]
MS Box 16

Muster rolls of the crew of Organized Division One; Seventh Naval District (Miami, Fla.), 1941 & 1972.
7 leaves.
Last muster of Organized Division One Seventh Naval District (Miami, Fla.) upon mobilization for active duty. Also includes reunion roll call for 1972.
Circuit photographic print of the unit in the collection (1994-306).
Unit flag in the Objects collection.
MS Box 54

Muskie, Edmund S.
Presidential campaign (Florida) papers, 1971-1972.
14 items.
Correspondence, photographic print, press releases and memorabilia pertain to Senator Muskie's 1972 campaign in Florida.
Gift of Marcia Kanner, 1991.
MS Box 50

My Brother's Place (restaurant, Coral Gables, Fla.) : menu with cartoon decorations, 1950s?
1 p. ; 37 x 31 cm.
Back of menu shows sketch of Coral Gables and Miami area, with caricatures, by Johnny Gruelle, of many local personalities and community leaders.
My Brother's Place was a steak house run by Richard Gruelle, brother of Johnny Gruelle, the writer of the Raggedy Ann and Andy Stories and also a cartoonist.
Prints Box 4

Myers, Stanley C.
Red Feather Community Chest campaign : scrapbook, 1945-1946.
100 items.
Newspaper clippings, photographic prints and a letter pertain to Stanley Myers and the 1946 Community War Chest Drive, for which he was Dade County chairman.
Gift of Stanley C. Myers, 1990.
Scrapbooks Box 7